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The innovative
M3 System

Energy Efficient Technology

This energy efficient technology was started in Poland and with extensive research and testing from around the world the M3 system was developed.

This building system not only creates beautiful corporate buildings but outstanding family homes with incredible energy saving technology.


Buildings become passive and energy-saving structures, which translates directly into low operating costs, while maintaining the highest standards of facility durability and its aesthetic values.

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How it works

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  • The polystyrene elements are formed and cut to size in our factory in Poland, after which the finished elements are delivered to the construction site in Ireland and combined with each other. The foundations of the building are prepared in advance by the M3 System team according to its own innovative technology.

  • The system is based on a supporting structure of cement combined with glass fibre, with expanded polystyrene thermal walls.

  • Pre-shaped elements are easily assembled on site, keeping building costs keenly competitive.

  • Triple glazed units are used throughout.

  • All buildings can be equipped with any of the following net zero energy additions, depending on the individual requirement of each client.


You can choose from:

  • Solar panels + Photovoltaic Systems

  • Heat Recovery Systems

  • Heat System Integrators

  • Wind Turbines

  • Small Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Systems collecting Rain Water

Reduced Operating Costs

Actual operating costs of a house built with M3 system technology, accounts for only 30% costs compared to houses built in the traditional manor.

With CO2 emissions of only 3 tonnes per year per M3 home; compared to traditional houses of 7.5 tonnes per year, your carbon footprint is massively reduced.

Watch the video

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