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Passive Housing
Tomorrows home today

Welcome to Passive Housing, the building company which builds BER A1 rated homes and buildings to super insulated passive house standards.


We just build them with a difference.


You see, we use polystyrene as the main building material, which is one of the key eco house-building materials of the future.

Here’s why:

  • Polystyrene homes require little or no heating.


  • The material is non toxic, sterile and neutral, perfect for people with allergies.


  • Building time is significantly reduced, your home or building arrives (mostly) pre made.


  • You’ll have a net zero energy home, built to the highest of building standards in less time than a conventional build.

External Build.jpg

If this interests you, then contact us for more information. We’ll sit down and have a chat with you to explain all about the features and benefits of this eco house building material of the future.​

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